Rose chafer beetle (eats blooms)

Fruit chafer beetle

The Rose chafer beetle, fruit chafer beetle or African fruit beetle just loves devouring rose buds. They have their preference and we wish we knew exactly what attracted them to a specific variety in a field of a thousand.

Fruit chafer beetle







Spray with Plant Care on entire plant & directly onto beetles if possible


Frequency to spray:


Once a week till damage stops.
Effect on plant:


Blooms look like they have been feasted on; effect on growth and re-sprouting not really noticeable.




Rose Chafer beetles can smell your roses from kilometres away.  They are a nuisance but they do disappear after a while.


Alternative combat:


Good way of getting rid of them is to pay children a small fee for each beetle cought. One can simply smack them from the bud into a small bucket with water and a little cooking oil.
If no action is taken:


The blooms of the specific varieties they attack will have devoured petals.

Fruit chafer beetle

Fruit chafer beetle


Fruit chafer beetle grub

The grubs chew on rose roots and can cause serious damage. Drenching with Plant Care or Cyper should get rid of the grubs.

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