rose borer wasp damage

rose borer wasp damage

If you notice holes that have been made into your rose stems, then you can be sure that the rose stem borer has been visiting.

hole made by rose borer wasp




Prevalent after pruning, but can occur any time of the year




Seal stems with Steriseal, PVA paint or mud after cutting




Usually once should suffice to make the wasps move on


Effect on plant:



Not very detrimental as stem will sprout from eyes below and above


The wasps drill a 2-3 cm hole into the pith of rose stems. They do this to lay their eggs into the hollow. The eggs are protected and it is a suitable environment for the eggs to hatch into grubs.


Alternative combat:



Accept their presence


If no action is taken:



The rose will sprout from the eyes below the hollowed out part of the affected stems

rose borer wasps drill 2cm

The wasp drills a tunnel only approximately 3 cm deep.

rose borer wasp

The wasp in action.

rose borer wasp

A close up of the wasp in the hollowed out tunnel in the middle of the rose stem.

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