The CLIMBERS produce long climbing shoots and must be supported and tied to a fence, wall or pergola. To achieve the best display, the annual shoots must never be pruned or shortened, but tied in a horizontal line.

At pruning time it is advisable to remove some of the older branches from the inside of the plant, thus encouraging it to grow new climbing shoots every year.

The genuine CLIMBING HYBRIDS flower continuously (repeatedly) and are marked “Repeat”.  These may be pruned or cut back in winter and even shaped during the growing season without forfeiting flowers.

The SHRUB ROSES flower repeatedly and their growth habit ranges from a willowy type to a neater habit.  Shrub roses can be cut and kept to a confined space or shaped at any time of the year and only need to be thinned out in winter.

The taller types can be trained as PILLAR ROSES by planting them next to an electrical pole, etc. and fastened in two places with a strong rope.  They can also be trained as Climbers on fences and walls. Each variety is described according to its characteristics.


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