Chafer beetles

Chafer beetle laced leaves

If your rose bush looks anything like this, then Chafer beetles have been eating away at your leaves during the night. That is why one doesn’t necessarily see the beetles causing the damage.












Spray with Plant Care on entire plant & on soil around roses. Dust with Karbadust or Blue Death onto leaves.



Frequency to spray:



Once a week till damage stops.


Effect on plant:



Rose survives & recovers quickly after spraying.






Beetles bury themselves in the ground in the day.  Beetles like gardens with trees and sheltered areas as they can hide in the trees during the day.

When leaf tissue edges becomes brown, beetles have stopped eating rose leaves.



Alternative combat:



Insect lamp / bug zapper close to roses.



If no action is taken:



The rose’s leaves ability to photosynthesise is compromised, but once the beetles move on the rose does eventually recover. Flowering will be slower then usual.


laced leaves by chafer beetle

Chafer beetle laced leaves

Chafer beetle laced leaves Beetles have moved on!

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