Sabine Plattner

Sabine Plattner

A powerful rose for a great lady but a modest human. 

The ‘Sabine Plattner’ rose is a perfect combination of a long stemmed cut rose & a free flowering ‘Spire®’. The deep salmon, shapely pointed buds unfold their very firm petals slowly  into open, cup shaped blooms.

The steady regrowth of new flowering stems makes it an ideal, neat specimen. Can also be  planted with other roses in mixed beds.2003, Ludwig’s Roses was commissioned by Dr. John Marais, past CEO of Standard Bank, who was a great rose-lover and client of ours, to breed a rose for Sabine Plattner, as a birthday gift. 

Blooms of this rose were sent to Berlin, Germany on 24 June 2004, for her birthday celebrations. 

The ‘Sabine Plattner’ roses have since been planted in great masses at Fancourt, George and Vodaworld in Midrand and of course, in many private gardens country wide. 

spire® rose
tones of orange salmon

Here is a modest woman who does not like to hear much about herself. By profession she is a teacher and her passion lies with primary education.

However, the person she is, has made her span her protective wings far and wide. 

Sabine Plattner has profound involvement in South Africa. 

Fancourt was an opportunity to help a community on several levels – from stabilising the homeowners on the estate’s property value to providing financial and social security for existing and future staff and their families.” 

As a little girl, Sabine Plattner often played in the woods near her home in Freibourg, Germany. The trees and verdure of the forests have left an indelible image on her mind.

 As member of Leadership for Conservation in Africa, EduConservation was established in 2015 under the lead of Ms Plattner. 

Since 2007 she has been involved in various projects concerning the protection, community, educational & eco-tourism development in the DRC. She also works towards protecting the rain forest of Okzala-Kokoua  and the upliftment of local communities. But not only in the DRC – ALL around Africa. She established the SPAC (Sabine Plattner African Charities) which was born from the alarming observation that there is an urgent need to train the young African and global generation to do good for the planet.

Together, we can change the world to a better place, it takes each of us. 

Sabine Plattner's favourite roses

Rosa Rugosa Regiliana

Rosa Rugosa Alba

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