Nomzamo Mbatha

Nomzamo Mbatha

Not only does she radiate beauty, confidence and grace, she is an actress, presenter, spokesmodel, humanitarium and South Africa’s media darling. Nomzamo Mbatha couples all this with intelligence, sensibility, resilience, an all round self-made woman, who stays true to her roots.

A stately upright plant clothed with glossy foliage provides an endless supply of densely petalled rosette shaped blooms with a moderate scent. The colour is a warm salmon apricot. 

A group of three will provide a focal point in any garden. Planted in a row, a neat, head high flowering hedge is easily created

A portion of sales is donated to The Groundsix Lighthouse Non-Profit Organisation. 

antique melange of colour
quartered bloom shape
earthy peachy fragrance
shiny healthy foliage

Grow your rose for those suffering depression. 

Your rose purchase donates R10 per plant sold to the GROUNDSIX LIGHTHOUSE NPO.  starteA Foundation aimed at Tackling Mental Health Awareness, Youth Development and Socio-Economic Issues.

“I am started my Foundation called The Groundsix Lighthouse.  My baby sister committed suicide. She was 20 and she suffered from mental illness. I just feel like mental illness is something that is so taboo that no one wants to tackle it, especially in family structures. This is part of my healing process. I hope that I can help other people who are battling depression and help parents and young people that have had friends, sisters, cousins, aunts, dads, moms commit suicide or who have a mental disease with a support structure,” says Mbatha.

“The support structure will have psychologists and therapists who not only deal with the illness in a physical manner but also in a spiritual manner. I feel like the spiritual element is missing. Sometimes when one is first introduced to a psychologist or a therapist, they’re like ‘this person doesn’t hear me. I don’t feel like this person actually sees me as a person and hears me as a human being. They are merely looking at me as an object and as a subject.’ Part of my foundation is finding professional people who have a spiritual element so that when people are out in the world they are able to survive. It is beyond a medical condition; it is a spiritual journey so that they are able to find their way to healing.”



Nomzamo starred in (amongst other) “ALL ABOUT LOVE” and this is certainly what Nomzamo is all about. Not only is she an actress, a T V personality, a businesswoman but also a fervent human rights activist. 

In March this year Nomzamo was once again recognised for her philanthropic efforts by being honoured by the New York State Senator, Kevin Parker. She also received an accolade from Face Africa with a Rising Star award for Youth development in Kwazulu Natal. 

Our South African actress is also the newest Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

She is also among the laureates who has been honoured by having a rose named after her at Ludwig’s Rose Farm in October 2018. May the spirit of the rose always be with her on her many endeavors.

A determined yet warm & enveloping lady, she says of herself: “My purpose is to serve. In many forms. Also in the passion of giving and in my pursuit to leave my generation better than I found it. This means taking responsibility”.

While many celebrities wait until they are older before committing to philanthropic causes, she started at a young age and is going one way – UP. 

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