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Rose growing myths

Roses have been cherished and grown in gardens for very many generations. In some instances, the published or suggested advice has become outdated and is

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Green Summer Pruning

January is the right time to green summer prune your rose bushes. Let Ludwig show you how easy it is to do in this short video!

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Wilt or thorn beetle

The capsized stems are tyopical of wilt or thorn beetle damage. The Wilt or Thorn beetle is able to cause considerable damage to the soft shoots

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White fly

Severe white fly damage to rose leaves. When: White fly infestations can occur from summer to autumn, but they are uncommon to settle on roses. Where: country

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Thrips are a type of invisible plague to roses and many other ornamental and even fruit and vegetable plants! They can be tough customers to

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Termites can attack a rose bush and ring bark it. The bark is eaten close to where the main stem comes out of the ground.

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