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Pernicious scale

Introduction Pernicious scale is a sedentary sucking insect that inserts its tiny, straw-like mouthparts into the bark of rose stems, weakening growth and reducing sap

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Rose Care

Spider Mite or Red Spider

Introduction Spider mites are small arachnids related to spiders and are common in hot and dry conditions. Roses under heat and drought stress are particularly

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Koinor is a systemic, contact, suspension concentrate insecticide for the control of various pests on plants. Its active ingredient is: Imidacloprid (chloronicotinyl) 350g/ℓ. It is

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Cutting & arranging roses

Cutting & arranging roses is easy. Ensuring a supply of rose blooms for home decoration is often a major incentive to gardeners to plant roses.

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Point System on exhibition roses

JUDGING ROSES form & size and substance of individual stem  30 pts Colour, freshness, brilliance and purity             30 pts Stem and foliage                                                  15

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Plant Nutrition and Chlorosis

Article of Plant Nutrition and Chlorosis by Ludwig Taschner The inexplicable chlorosis that often occurs with rose plants triggered off my thinking and a bit

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