Roses for small spaces

A single rose can be my garden!

You love roses but don’t have much space. No problem. There’s a saying, ‘A single rose can be my garden…a single friend my world’. What would our world be without roses? Here are five inspirational ways to make the rose queen of your small garden.

Roses for the patio

Go for bold vivid colour, don’t settle for just one rose in a container but extend the effect by repeating the same or similar coloured rose in the border around the patio. 

  • Choose cluster flowering roses, with arching, graceful stems like ‘Granny Dearest’ in the pot and ‘Fortuna’ in the garden. Colourscape roses  are our showiest roses. Check out our range.
  • Repetition is the oldest landscape trick in the book, and it works. For maximum show repeat the same colour three or four times. It creates a feeling of unity and harmony.
  • Opt for the largest possible patio container and fill it with at least three roses to produce a full effect.
Roses for small spaces 1
Create a rosy wall A wall is the perfect canvas for a rose, and in one season, you can have rose blooms from top to bottom. Most modern climbers flower almost continuously throughout the season.  They are hardy and indestructible because they have much more foliage than a normal bush rose and the root system is larger and more deeply anchored, giving them better access to water and nutrients.
Roses for small spaces 2
A small, formal garden. It is quite possible to make a small exquisite formal rose garden in a 5x5m rectangular space, filled with your favourite fragrant roses. Mark out a circle in the rectangular space, making sure that the space between the circle and the garden edges is enough for rose beds. Place a feature in the centre; gazebo, sundial, decorative pot, or fountain.
  • Mix compost and Vigorosa fertiliser into the soil to a depth of 30cm.
  • Place the roses, still in their plastic bags. The plant tags indicate how tall the roses grow. Make sure knee and hip high roses are at the front with taller ones behind.

Make a hole for each rose, remove from the plastic bag and place in the hole, making sure the bud union (the thickened part at the base of the plant) is just below the level of the bed. Fill in with soil, firm down and water well.
Roses for small spaces 3

Spectacular archway.

What could be more romantic than archways smothered in roses, especially fragrant roses. Use archways to lead from one garden room to another, or as a feature, like this gazebo-type structure that adds height and focus in the centre of a garden.  

Roses for small spaces 4
Good morning Roses
Imagine waking up and seeing the world through roses! From the outside, the window frames the rose container beautifully. It is possible to plant up to four roses in a large enough container and the effect is sumptuous. If given the right care, roses in containers grow better than those planted in the soil.
• Plant the rose in a large enough pot (minimum size 35cm diameter), with good potting soil (not garden soil).
• Water daily in spring and summer and feed once a month with Vigorosa fertiliser
• Do not place a container directly against a wall, especially one that catches hot noonday or afternoon sun.
• Go for maximum flower power. Choose roses that flower profusely, especially those that produce clusters of blooms. Recommended roses are compact floribundas, cushion groundcover roses or small shrubs like the “My Granny” roses as well as the Sunsation roses.
Roses for small spaces 5

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