Beginner’s Luck

Do you find it daunting to choose the perfect rose? Just listen to you heart, you will be surprised how easily you’ll fall in love with the one that is just right for you at that moment, no matter the colour, fragrance or shape.  We were all beginner’s at rose growing at some stage….  Of course, it helps if the rose grows easily, is disease resistant and needs very little care – which is a core value for Ludwig’s Roses novelty roses.  After many years of helping to find your perfect roses, these are the five recommended winners for beginners. Garden Queen’ KORbilant(N) – This Hybrid Tea has huge, deeply perfumed pink and violet blooms that glow in the sun. It is an excellent garden rose, neat and compact, and doesn’t grow too tall; to about hip height. It is also super in a container, to decorate an outdoor living area or patio. It is a Ludwig’s Eco-chic rose, exemplifying it as disease resistant. Garden Princess’ KORspobux(N) is the daughter of Garden Queen. The blooms are just as large and fragrant, but of a soft pink shade. This rose produces masses of flowers, making a show in the garden as well as in the home because the pickable blooms have strong, straight stems that last well in the vase. Like mum, it is compact, neat, and easy to care for.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu’ KORtutu(N), sparkly red nostalgically shaped blooms which flower in abundance. Superbly healthy leaves make this an always neat looking plant, in the pot or garden, with sturdy, pickable stems. And, you will be donating a portion of funds to the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital. Memoire’ KORfuri is a pure white rose that speaks of youthful innocence and purity. Every garden should have a white rose because it lights up the garden at night. This one is also strongly fragrant with long-lasting blooms. It is nice and compact, growing to hip height. Saints Jubilee’ LUDshedou (P) is a real winner if you want strong, sweet, double delight fragrance. The blooms are eye-catching scarlet with a contrasting creamy base, that makes the rose glow. Plant this rose by the dozen. It will flower repeatedly for you; the neat bush grows to hip height and is also lovely in a container. An ideal garden cut rose.   Rose growing tips for beginners
  • Roses love lots of sun. Plant the rose in the sunniest part of your garden or in a pot that gets plenty of morning sun.
  • Dig a good hole. The hole should be 50cm deep 50cm wide. Take all the soil out of the hole and mix it with compost, peanut shells or milled bark and mix in Ludwig’s Vigolonger at 1 measure of 75g per plant. 
  • Put some of the soil back into the hole. Place the rose, still in its bag in the hole and make sure the level of the rose in the bag is the same as the top of the hole. Add or take out soil to get the correct level.
  • Take the rose out of the bag. If the soil around the roots is very solid, loosen it a bit so that the roots can easily spread into the soil.
  • Fill up around the rose with soil, firm it down gently and water well. 
  • Water every few days (15l per week) and in a month’s, time fertilise with 1 measure of Vigorosa. 
  • Enjoy, rose growing is easy and you can always count on us to lead you through the process
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