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Rosen, Rosen, Rosen

Authored by Gerd Krüssmann, it contains the knowledge on the rose accumulated in a condensed form, still consisting of 450 pages.

In it one finds:

  • Where did the word rose find its origin – it is given in 105 different languages.
  • What role did the rose play in the pre-historic Era, ancient Greece, Egypt, Persia, Asia, in the classical period up to 500 A.D. going on to *The Rose in the Middle Ages, to the modern roses it is all in the book.
  • How many kilograms of rose petals are required for 1 litre rose oil with all the details on the important roles attar of roses played in BC as a trading item.
  • The classification and description of the genus Rosa, the horticultural classification and a dictionary of hundreds of cultivars and all about propagation and cross pollinating.
  • The rose breeders are listed as also the rose societies in the world and famous rose gardens.

Gerd Krüssmann was regarded as one of the giants of horticulture. He was the Director of the German Rosarium in Dortmund and he travelled the world to look at plants.

Rosen, Rosen, Rosen was published by Verlag Paul Parey, Hamburg and Berlin in 1974, ISBN 3 489 71722 8. It contains 447 pages with many pictures, tables and drawings. It was the publisher who requested Krüssman to tackle this momentous job since their last comprehensive Rose book was published 90 years earlier.

Die Rose

This book was authored ‘Die Rose’ by TH. Nietner, who was the Royal Chief Horticulturist for the park surrounding the castle of the Prussian kings, Sanc Souci in Potsdam. Nietner describes an amazing 5000 rose varieties and his advice to gardeners on the cultivation on roses – is pretty much what is still “preached” today.

‘Die Rose’ by TH Nietner, published by Verlag von Wiegandt, Hempel & Parey, Berlin 1880. Rosen, Rosen Rosen, was completely revised, updated and translated into English by Gerd Krüssman and Nigel Raban with input by rose breeder Bill Warriner and Fred Edmunds. Roses by Gerd Krüssman published by B T Batsford Ltd. London and printed by Timber Press, Portland Oregon USA in 1981 ISBN 0 7134 4475 4 .

The Man Who Painted Roses

For pure reading pleasure it has to be THE MAN WHO PAINTED ROSES by Antonia Ridge on the life and achievements of Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Pierre-Joseph Redouté, born in Belgium in 1759 into a family of painters and decorators left home at the age of 13 and helped to decorate churches etc. It was soon almost like modern branding that all this paintings of angels and religious figures as well as portraits small flowers added to them. Painting in Belgium, Luxemburg and Amsterdam, he eventually arrived in Paris. He spent most of his time painting flowers in the Jardin du Roi. Highly regarded botanist Charles Louis L’Heritiet noticed him, his love for plants and obvious ability and persuaded him to study Botany. He followed L’Heritiet to London in 1786 were he became involved with the other famous botanist Sir Banks and the development of Kew Gardens. Back in Paris a year later his work “The story of Succulent Plants” was published. It was followed by “Les Liliacées”. When Josephine developed Malmaison and started the famous rose collection each rose was painted by Redouté and the collection became known as “Les Roses”. As a trained botanist his paintings were accurate, however, he did make sure that they had an “alive look” and were attractive to the viewer. Being completely non-political, this big man with huge hands painting the delicate flowers officially became the The Painter to Empress Marie-Antoinette, to Empress Josephine, to Her Imperial Majesty Marie-Louise and to Queen Marie-Amélie. “The man who painted roses” passed away in 1841 at the age of 82.

Antonia Ridge, author of the other famous book “For the Love of a Rose” skilfully introduced Jean Jacques Rousseaus, Madame Tussaud, Madame Prevost and other colourful characters of that period – all having had contact with Redouté.

Published by Faber and Faber, 3 Queen Square, London in 1974. ISBN 0571 105548

In Search of the Black Rose

In Search of the Black Rose by Anne Sophie Rondeau and Ingrid Verdegem. First published by Stigting Kuntboek bvba, B-8020 Oostkamp, Belgium in French and Dutch languages.The German version: KG ISBN 10;3-8001-4731-9 ISBN 13:978-3-8001-4731-1. It is a most beautiful book, leather bound, 60cm x 40cm, 125 pages with the most incredible photography. Cost was just over 100 Euro. An English version is optainable.

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