Rose Growing Tips

Soil Sickness

After 50 years of scientific research one is not nearer the actual cause of soil sickness. The latest research with the aid of very scientific

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How to grow roses

Transplanting roses

Watch this video to see how it is done. When planning to transplant roses, it is always best to prepare the new location first –

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Planting Procedure

Drench the prepared bed with water. After a few days, it will be ready for planting. If it does not drain away the area is

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Soil Preparation

Best conditions for root development is in deeply aerated soil. With complimentary additives virtually any soil can be improved. Planting roses in individual holes restricts

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Thoughts on colour

The full colour spectrum is found in sunlight – ranging from red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo, through to violet. These spectral colours run

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How to plant a rose

Roses are expected to thrive in your garden for up to 10 years. Soil preparation is therefore the actual important aspect when planting a rose. Select

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