A delicate, beautiful rose that in its growth and performance is strong.

Delightful buds appear in abundance. They are of a special pink colour that encapsulates a touch of salmon. As they start unfolding, the parts of the petals exposed to the sun take on a much softer tone. It is here where this variety is so very unique, because when appreciating the blooms on the bush from afar they appear to be of such a delicate cream-pink that almost borders on white towards the edges, but as one comes closer and looks within the rose, one realises that in between the petals, flowing towards the centre, each petal has retained the beautifully contrasting deeper pink colour. A dance of colour, fascinating and intricate within each bloom.

In this first stage of opening, when the petals let go of each other and their tightly packed point, the centre petals form a perfect ring surrounded by an arrangement of petals that for a day or two form a sunken centre. The petals then start curling outwardly from their tips forming a unique flower shape that is a combination between a classical shape and a button eye. The centre swirl continues to expand and uncover hidden petals from within the heart of the bloom. As these inner petals spread out, they push the other petals outwards causing the fully open bloom to take on a densely packed, quartered rosette shape. The pistils and stamens remain neatly hidden. The white petals of aged blooms drop off cleanly.

The graceful blooms exude a layered, spicy scent. When in flower the vigorous stems even start arching a little with the weight of the buds and blooms on their ends.

New sprouting of shorter flowering stems takes place all over the shrub-like rose all season long. It will grow into a mature loose shrub expanding to about 2m in height and width and can be used on fences and walls or it may be groomed during the season for a more specimen, manicured look.

This disease resistant variety almost requires no extra maintenance apart from watering and feeding.

A rose that truly awakens a sense of pure joy within the onlooker! The blooms possess an old-world elegance and charm.


A poem by Emsé Richard:

Forget me not

I can hear your
in the distance

I know you are
in the
of those leaves
where the
Flowers bloom
Water moves
every mountain path

Your delicate soul
Gentle heart
Captivating energy
Taught me to
see beauty

Rest in Peace
My Sweetheart


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