Rosa Homeopathica KORtukonoa(P)

The Homeopathic Rose

To celebrate the LMHI World Homeopathy Day 2023, the Homeopathic Association of South Africa (HSA) have placed great emphasis on the importance of growth.

The HSA in collaboration with Ludwig’s Roses have selected a rose that embodies exactly that – a cross pollination of a German Rose, grown on South African soil. It is a tribute to German founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and is symbolic of the growth of Homeopathy in South Africa. Rosa Homeopathica is an ethereal rose which represents grace, enthusiasm, eternal rebirth and vibrancy.

A portion of the proceeds will go towards the HSA’s fund for the development of homeopathic health centres throughout South Africa. It is our goal to share homeopathy across our diverse country and bring health and healing to all.

At any time, on-lookers are greeted with shapely copper coloured buds and golden half open blooms on the tall, densely branched bush. Close inspection shows shapely, pointed buds of a medium size. The pleasing copper transforms into a beautiful two tone when the golden inside of each petal is revealed as the bloom opens. The complimenting curled petal edges of the fully opened bloom add to the attraction. The continuous sprouting of new flowering stems ensures a stately shrub-like bush as a focal point. This variety may also be planted as a group or even as a colourful security hedge.


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Rosa Homeopathica KORtukonoa(P)