Abracadabra KORhocsel

The colour combination of the dark velvet red laced with yellow stripes and splashes is where the enchantment of this variety lies. This rose in actual fact was serendipitously discovered in 2002. It is a mutation of the then very popular yellow sweetheart florist variety FRISCO that used to be grown in greenhouses by the millions. We stopped growing it because the stripes can be inconsistent, some blooms revert to yellow and it is not the most disease resistant variety around. It however doesn’t stop intruiging the minds of those who are afforded a glimpse of it. So it is back! It is a medium high bush. Straight, thin stems are produced in abundance. Each one carryies a smallish, star shaped bloom made up of very stiff firm petals. Real Magic!


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Abracadabra KORhocsel