Pretty Yende

Pretty Yende is a world renowned soprano opera singer who was born and bred in South Africa. Ludwig is a huge admirer of opera and when his very best newly bred seedling started showing its true mettle he knew that this rose needed to carry Pretty’s name. Lizette Jonker, former editor of SA Garden, who is a talented opera singer in her own right had introduced us to Pretty Yende’s singing and proposed that a rose should be named after her as she truly has the most incredible voice.

This Hybrid Tea rose sprouts pointed buds of a basic yellow with a touch of orange at the petals edge. They unfold slowly  into classic exhibition shaped blooms, becoming huge as the firm petals  fully flex holding the exquisite open shape for a long time showing off a pleasing, buff apricot, sun resistant colour. Resonant and beautiful, just like Pretty’s supreme singing voice.

This rose is most certainly a powerful performer, has super healthy, Eco-chic leaves and tops it all with a moderate fragrance.


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Pretty Yende