This rose possesses extra-ordinary vigour and floriferousness. The combination of elegant, pointed buds and half open blooms of an elusive, subtle colouring adorned on a bush covered with glossy, healthy foliage makes it “stand-out” amongst roses.

A closer look reveals the soft, silver lilac of the tight buds. As the petals slowly release and are exposed to the sun, they take on a soft magenta sheen, which deepens even further as the 20 firm petals unfold, ultimately showing off a unique and profound silver lilac hue.

The new growth that sprouts is of a complimentary reddish colour. As these lush shoots stretch and mature, each bears a terminal bud and two to three side buds that ensure longevity to their flowering cycle. Due to the constant development of these repeat flowering stems, the bushes easily grow to a neatly upright height of 2m in a season. They can easily be kept at an eye-level flowering height by regularly cutting blooms for the home or summer pruning in January.

The slight fragrance of each bloom is an important part of this rose’s overall, wonderful charm!


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