Whirlwind DELstrirocrem (P)

Pamela when seeing this novel variety immediately came up with the this very suitable name.

A whirlwind of emotions can mean experiencing all sorts of intense feelings all at once and so one can come to feel when gazing at this rose. Not only does the plant shape resemble a column of air moving rapidly round and round in a cylindrical shape, but the bloom’s stripes and swirls also allude to a whirlwind of deep cream, strong pink and white.

In the first stage of unfolding, the rounded buds already show the fashionable layered striping. They open into full, firm petalled blooms with every petal a different variable.

These sizable blooms are borne in clusters on arching stems.

They exude a distinct scent.

Whirlwind grows into a formidable dense climber flowering all season long.


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Whirlwind DELstrirocrem (P)