Pamela KORdreimela (P)

2024’s catalogue cover shines brightly with a very special climbing rose named after our wife and mother, Pamela.

For those of you that don’t know her yet, she is the most bright, bubbly, friendly person who loves chatting to everyone and of course is crazy about the colour yellow!

Pamela, thank you for being such an integral part of Ludwig’s Roses and for being an amazing mother and Nene to our family.

We know that your rose will evoke a special feeling of joy every time someone sees one of its breathtakingly beautiful blooms.

Our wife, mother and Nenne, Pamela’s favourite colour is yellow and after many years of searching, we are super excited to have finally found an unfading yellow rose that is good enough to bear her name!

Shapely, medium sized buds made up of firm pointed petals appear on smooth, short stems right throughout the season. They are borne over the entire bush, from the base right up to the tip of the very tall, neat, upright growing plant. The special attraction takes place when the tucked away inner petals unfold.

The blooms are very full-petalled, that the centre, composed of stamens turned into petals are packed so tightly into the heart of the flower that they almost cannot unfold and remain in an incurved cluster, shaped like a button. The multitude of petals then reflex downward as the bloom yields to the elements even further before it eventually lets go of its petals and cleans itself neatly.

With it’s neat upright growth, Pamela is ideal to be trained onto poles or arches, as a screen to beautify walls, against fences or even to be grown in a large pot.


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Pamela KORdreimela (P)