Prue Johnson KORsojopru (P)

Prue Johnson, the former Chairlady of the JHB Garden Club is retiring after 23 years at the helm. She is a passionate gardener and rose grower and has played an enormous role in growing the Garden Club for a younger audience, annual Open Gardens, and through her leadership raised donations of a very substantial amount towards Masi.

It is indeed not “just another Rose” but dominates with super vigour and a healthy production of super large, shapely blooms on strong stems. BIG is BEAUTIFUL – the impression one gets at first glance of the mature 3m high flowering bush.

Stiffly upright stems each show off one huge, perfectly shaped bloom. A pointed 8cm high centre is surrounded by outer petals that unfold but also curl into a star shaped point. The bloom colour is cloud white that is touched with a deep cream on the reverse of the petals. The petal edges take on a distinct salmon sheen as they unfold and are exposed to the sun. A unique yet beautifully gentle colour. Once a bloom is cut it is easy to hold to the nose so that once can enjoy the moderate old rose scent.

This rose is best planted in the centre or at the back of a rose bed. It is also ideal on fences and walls for a high up flowering feature.


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Prue Johnson KORsojopru (P)