Phambili DSG! KORcut (P)

The Diocesan School for Girls (DSG) celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2024. This rose is named in celebration of this remarkable milestone.

The strong green that shines through from early bud stage to open bloom is a perfect match to the school’s colour. Green petals represent confidence and strength. These blooms last much longer then others.

As the sepals of the elegant, long buds open up, they reveal petals that are green emanating from a cream base. They slowly unfold and as the swirl of the rose heart forms a soft salmon pink emerges, imparting an almost antique appearance.

The petals exposed to the sun then take on a lighter cream colour, creating a flow of green from the outer rim of the petals to a clean cream with a soft salmon pink centre.

This rose possesses character and will become interwoven with the school’s existence, with its history as a token of the 150 years celebrated, but also with its presence as a symbol of inner beauty that is to be found in each and every one of us.


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Phambili DSG! KORcut (P)