Marah Louw

The ‘Marah Louw’ is a strong, tall, upright growing hybrid tea with glossy ‘Peace’ foliage and deep yellow blooms edged with red which expands as the opening petals are exposed to sunlight.

A donation is made to Child Welfare SA for every plant sold.

Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Pink , Red , Yellow , Multi coloured
Uses: Bedding

Marah Louw is an iconic South African musical star, actress, celebrity judge at SA Idols talent search, activist
and politician. Her singing career began at the age of ten with the Wilba Music Choir. She was born in
Soweto in 1952 and during her 50-year career has received several awards including a Life Time
Achievement Award in 2010 from the National Department of Arts and Culture, and a Legend of the Decade
Award from the South African Concert Promoters Association. In the 70’s she gained professional
recognition when she toured Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and London with the traditional musical,
Meropa where she performed for the Queen at a Royal Command Performance. She has made acting
appearances in several local drama series and starred in an award-winning feature length film, Taxi To
Soweto. In 1987 Marah was elected President of the Musicians Union of South Africa with Jonny Clegg as
Vice president and in 1990 performed at the Mandela concert in London at the Wembly stadium. She was
one of the artists who performed at Nelson Mandela’s Presidential inauguration in 1994. Marah has
performed in a number of musicals and was the voice in The Circle of Life song in the Zulu version of
Disney’s The Lion King. Apart from her musical career she is a social activist and co-founder of the Soweto
based children’s centre Golden Ark and is the Goodwill Ambassador for Child Welfare S.A. In her
autobiography It’s Me,Marah, she talks about “the many adventures she has had during her life including a
near death experience on the cruise ship Oceanos that began sinking while she was in her evening gown.”
In recognition of her talent and contribution to society, Ludwig’s Roses dedicated a Hybrid Tea rose to her,
the Marah Louw rose. It is a beautiful, strong, bicolour rose -a deep yellow, edged with pink. The blooms
hold their shape very well and are eye-catching even when full blown. The rose is a fitting tribute to an
illustrious career during which Marah Louw, a remarkable South African artist, has performed for European
Royalty, African heads of State and Prime Ministers around the world.



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Marah Louw