Bravo Babylon Eyes IPB069914 (P)

The rose that graces this year’s catalogue front page and here we will tell you why. It is simply stunning! An incredible Persica Hybrid. This means a rose with a distinct “eye”. Hundreds of smallish, five petalled blooms bejewel the very compact bush in dense clusters. The petals are of a basic white that is touched with faint pink. The eye-catching, intense, deep purple centre compliments and enhances the colour composition of the blooms. The deep purple of the eye seeps into an almost neon magenta pink, like ink staining paper. The stamens and pistil stand out prominently. As the bloom matures the stamens transform into a red colour that gives the different stages of blooms on the plant an even greater charm. The green foliage is glossy and healthy. This non-stop flowering rose is ideal for borders, whole beds and super in pots. Also available as a standard.


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Bravo Babylon Eyes IPB069914 (P)