Graham Thomas

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 23 × 90 cm

Lovely cupped flowers, filled with petals in the same manner as an Old Rose of a listering yellow and strong scent.

The bushes grow 3m high on the Highveld and are self-supporting.

Although they might spend the first year of their life growing without many blooms, a good show can be expected in spring and a sprinkling of flowers throughout the summer and autumn.
The leaves are healthy and make a good background for flower beds or on walls and fences.

In the Western Cape it can be pruned severely in winter and then will flower profusely as a compact shrub in spring. The same applies to regions in Northern Natal and the South Eastern Free State.

Plant Height: Above 2m Height
Colours: Yellow
Uses: Arch, Pillar, Trellis


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Graham Thomas