Waterwise Blush

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Dimensions 42 × 23 × 90 cm

The growth characteristic of this rose is a perfect match between the two parents, ‘Rosa wichurana’ and ‘Iceberg’. The growth pattern is procumbent with hardy green foliage. It has inherited the quality of ‘Iceberg’ to grow and flower from old wood year after year. In addition, just like ‘Iceberg’, it produces many sideways growing short stems each one with a small cluster of flowers. The multitude of small, about 3cm long buds, are pointed and are of an exquisite blush pink.

With the opening of the petals, the colour slowly changes to pure white with its yellow stamens becoming visible in the half open semi-double blooms. That this rose was choosen to be known as ‘Waterwise Blush’, in appreciation of The Rand Water Board and its importance to the region for the past 60 years, lies in its very specific qualities of prostrate growth, very hardy, disease resistant foliage, the production of short flowering stems which cover the centre of the plant at all times. And of course the endless, most attractive parade of flowers that can be expected form a single bush.

For such a rose plant, it is possible to develop a widely spread and deep anchored root system that is able to cope with a minimum of irrigation – utilising the available water in the soil to its best. In addition, the roots are shaded by prostrate growth character of the plant. The obvious use for this plant is that of a groundcover, a border rose, also when grown on a standard stem where it will form a perfect unbrella – or in pots where it will cover the pots and hang over to the ground never forgetting to flower. It is possible to train the lax canes of this rose on small fences up to 1.2m high when they will hang over and form a flowering curtain.

Plant Height: Knee Height
Colours: Soft pink , White
Uses: Groundcover, Hanging basket, Trellis


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Waterwise Blush