Rosa Banksia Alba (White)

Tight clusters of small, full, double white blooms. Rampant, healthy growth. If left to grow unchecked, it will grow into a very large specimens, covering complete fences and growing into trees. Should only be lightly pruned or not at all to retain flowering buds. The long canes are thornless. Flowers only once in spring with occasional clusters in late autumn.

For a repeat flowering similar bloom on a shrub that is not as rampant have a look at ‘Purezza’.

One plant of this rose grows in Tombstone, Arizona, and is regarded as the world’s largest rose. The main stem has grown since 1885 to a thickness of 30 cm and the rambling canes cover a pergola of 600 m².

Plant Height: Above 2m Height
Colours: White
Uses: Cut-flowers


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Rosa Banksia Alba (White)