Joan Kruger

Named in recognition of Joan Kruger, former editor of the ROOI ROSE, a magazine which has done much to promote rose growing in South Africa.

This rose is a typical Antico Moderno™ rose. The globular, slightly pointed buds open slowly, revealing densely packed short petals which form the quarted centre. White with a touch of ivory, one finds soft shades of pink lightly adding a blush to the inside of the medium size flowers. Tall and vigorous, this stately bush produces strong basal stems which branch out to form huge candelabras. Each one of the stems forming a candelabra carries a perfect bloom. These blooms are pickable.

This rose may stand on its own, be planted in groups or mingle with other hybrid teas.


Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Vanilla , White
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers


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Joan Kruger