Perfume Passion

The name implies that the outstanding characteristic of this new hybrid tea variety is the strong fragrance which freely whiffs from the generous supply of large blooms.

However, it is vigor and an outstanding natural disease resistance in addition to a charming development from a pointed bud to the classical urn shape of the half open bloom ending in a long lasting open flower with the outer, firm and thick petals wide open and in-curved petals reminiscent of the nostalgic roses of yesteryear.

By cutting blooms regularly to bring some of the perfume and beauty into the home the bush is kept at a neat medium height. If left to grow it establishes itself into substantial tall 2m high shrub, never forgetting to flower.

The colour of the blooms is a mingle of pink on a white base. ‘Perfume Passion’ is easy in-between other Hybrid Teas or Antico Moderno roses, it can be grown as a hedge along a fence and enjoys being looked after in a container which can be moved to where the perfume can be enjoyed the most.

Plant Height: Above Head Height
Colours: Pale pink , Pink , Soft pink , White
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers, Exhibition


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Perfume Passion