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When selecting a suitable rose in appreciation of the 50th Anniversary of the popular gardening magazine South African GARDEN AND HOME our aim was to find a variety which would deliver an outstanding performance in the garden as well as provide cut flowers to decorate the home.

The ‘Garden and Home’ rose is one of the few roses with the informal growth habit and flower shape of the old rose while possessing the flower power and vigor expected of a modern variety. The flowers are borne in clusters on upright growing stems, which are pickable.

Round buds open slowly to the classical cup shape of the old roses until the blooms open fully displaying each of the numerous petals and stamens.  The colour changes slightly with each opening stage from the distinctive pink of the bud and outside petals until the warmth of apricot and gold dominates the unfolding blooms.  The fragrance is fruity and spicy.

The plant is decorated with deep green, slightly frilly leaves and grows to chest height.  ‘Garden and Home’ may stand alone, be planted in groups, rows or mixed with medium to tall growing hybrid teas and floribundas.  It can also be grown in large containers.


Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Amber , Apricot , Cream , Soft pink
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers


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Garden & Home