winter pruningWinter Pruning:

Learn when and how to prune your different rose types Read how easy it is.

Watch our videos on how easy pruning really is by following this link!




SONY DSCWinter Pruning Aftercare: 

Preparation of soil, watering, spraying, fertilising and mulching. Click here for the detail..





Soil PrepFinger Pruning: 

Speed up the process of getting green leaves in spring for stronger Hybrid Teas. Follow this link for a step-by-step guide.

Watch a quick and easy video on how to finger prune by clicking here.




GroomingGreen Summer Pruning:

Keep your roses neat and tidy and encourage quality growth and blooms for autumn.

Watch a video on “how to” here…

Read more here…



32Cutting & Arranging Blooms:

Find out how.

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