Robert Wilson & Ernest Bellingan's Hurlingham Garden

Robert Wilson & Ernest Bellingan's Hurlingham garden

Hurlingham garden 1

An incredible garden in Hurlingham owned by Robert Wilson and Ernest Bellingan. They were kind enough to share their garden’s beauty with us during a visit in October 2023.

Here we share 52 pictures of what we have seen as a virtual tour. We hope you enjoy the inspiration and at the same time that you can appreciate the tranquillity such a plant rich space offers.

Perfumed Breeze and French PanaRosa are planted together in one hole to create this tremendous free standing, soft pink look. They just fill the air with an amazing fragrance! Pratia pedunculata groundcovers fill the space between the pavers with their fine, little blooms. Alstrumeria, Dianthus and a Forever Delight rose spice up the soft colours to the west of the bed. In the distance one sees a huge circular bed of Red ‘n Fragrant, Belle Rouge and Chante Hinds. Being in this garden feels like one must be dreaming! 

The garden was designed and plant layout is done by Barry from James Barry Garden Design and implementation and up keep is by Rika from The Garden Zone.

Hurlingham garden 2

Alstroemeria next to roses create an intersting pocket of colour.

Hurlingham garden 3

Forever Delight’s colour compliment the burnt oranges of the Alstroemeria.

Hurlingham garden 4

The different stages of ‘Forever Delight’.

Hurlingham garden 5
Hurlingham garden 6
Hurlingham garden 7

French PanaRosa and Perfumed Breeze planted together in one hole and trained over an obelisk create this outstanding effect of soft beauty with the fragrance to compliment the overall dreamy effect. 

Hurlingham garden 8

A close up of French Panarosa – a romantic rose if ever there was one.

Hurlingham garden 9

One of the obelisks from a different angle.

Hurlingham garden 10

Just look at all the Perfumed Breeze buds that were still to unfold and release their amazing fragrance… 

Hurlingham garden 11

Just Joey GrandiRosa creating a free-standing statement.

Hurlingham garden 12

A close up of the Just Joey GrandiRosa and also in different opening stages.

Hurlingham garden 13
Hurlingham garden 14
Hurlingham garden 15
Hurlingham garden 16

The trees create a natural border and back drop but also give the garden partial shade for parts of the day.

Hurlingham garden 17

Another obelisk of the French PanaRosa and Perfumed Breeze combination.

Hurlingham garden 18

A close up of Perfumed Breeze!

Hurlingham garden 19

Last shot of the obelisks 🙂

Hurlingham garden 20

Perspective from the opposite side looking out onto the house and the red round spiral bed.

Hurlingham garden 21

A garden table so that one can sit outside and enjoy the beauty and fragrance!

Hurlingham garden 22

Pratia pedunculata growing between the pavers has beautiful, little blooms.

Hurlingham garden 23

Can you see the Polygata virgata or Purple broom creating a super effect above all the other plants. 

Hurlingham garden 24

Abutilon megapoticum in its striking colour adds to the charm.

Hurlingham garden 25

A close up of the Abutilon megapoticum

Hurlingham garden 26

Pathways create this feeling of being in a secret, miraculous place…

Hurlingham garden 27

Verbascus thapsus with their yellow blooms stand out but also blend in.  

Hurlingham garden 28

There above the Arum lilies you can see the Red Rose circular bed in the distance.

Hurlingham garden 29

Daisies and all sorts of lower flowering plants give the garden an almost English garden feel.

Hurlingham garden 30

A bed of Not Simply Pink as one approaches the Red Rose circular bed.

Here you can see the fringe of the lawn that ahs been left much longer then the rest. All Seasons grass.
In winter many different flowering bulbs come up through this section of the lawn. 

Hurlingham garden 31

Not Simply Pink a little closer.

Hurlingham garden 32

A close up of the impressive petal arrangement of Not Simply Pink.

Hurlingham garden 33

Brothers in arms. Ludwig and Otto who were our drone videographers for the day!

Hurlingham garden 34

An aerial shot gives a very good idea of the perfectly laid out circular bed of red roses. The outer ring is planted with Red ‘n Fragrant, the middle ring with Belle Rouge and the centre with Chante Hinds. 

Hurlingham garden 35

Chante Hinds

Hurlingham garden 36

Red ‘n Fragrant

Hurlingham garden 37

Belle Rouge

Hurlingham garden 38

The differnt stages of Belle Rouge

Hurlingham garden 39

A close up of Chante Hinds. Amazing in colour.

Hurlingham garden 40

Chante Hinds half open

Hurlingham garden 41

Incredible how the Chante Hinds bloom almost puffs up as it opens even further.

Hurlingham garden 42

Sacred Red planted and bordering the side of the circular beds.

Hurlingham garden 43

Sacred Red – huge!

Hurlingham garden 44

Sacred Red opening up.

Hurlingham garden 45

Of course with such a beautiful rose garden, one can easily pick your own Red ‘n Fragrant roses for the vase.

Hurlingham garden 46

Willy Wonka growing in front of rare and beautiful Cannas. Cannas are one of Barry and Rika’s speciality.

Hurlingham garden 47

Stormy Weather

Hurlingham garden 48

Pansies add to the vibrancy.

Hurlingham garden 49
Hurlingham garden 50

A miniature rose – Teddy Bear

Hurlingham garden 51

A miniature rose – St Katherine’s

Hurlingham garden 52

Barry telling us more about the garden.

Hurlingham garden 53

A spot to relax in the shade.

Hurlingham garden 54

A bed of Garden Queen that grows in partial shade for parts of the day.

Hurlingham garden 55

Immaculate – Garden Queen – strong fragrance!

Hurlingham garden 56

A sculpture adding some spice to the garden…

Hurlingham garden 57

Red GrandiRosa growing in a row down the driveway.

Hurlingham garden 58

A mixed raised bed.

Hurlingham garden 59

Staghorn ferns in a quiet and serene area of the garden. 

Hurlingham garden 60

One of the many art pieces in the house. Ernest is a renowned art restorer.

Hurlingham garden 61

We hope you enjoyed the tour of this wonderful and diverse garden with us.

Thank you!