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CONTENT OF USERS (If applicable)
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  • Shipping costs are determined on a per order basis, and will be calculated upon checkout. Costs are determined based on size and weight of products purchased, as well as other factors like shipping destination.
  • Ludwig’s Roses does offer free of charge shipping only to destinations that are 50km in radius from any of our 8 branches. However the order needs to in total exceed a value of R 1500.00.
  • Free shipping does not apply to bulk purchases, discounted purchases, purchases by landscapers or wholesalers.
  • Ludwig’s Roses reserves the right to ship orders using different methods than those selected by customers should circumstances dictate.
  • Orders will normally be shipped and delivered within 7 working days from date of placing the order.


  • Once rose plants leave our property we do not have the ability to guarantee that the weather, plant predators, airborne plant diseases, the soil and location it is planted in, or the care it receives will ensure that the plants selected will thrive or survive. It is up to the individual gardener to pay attention to their plant’s needs and problems as they arise.
  • What we strive to do is to supply you with a quality rose plant that will easily grow and flower in its new home if cared for adequately.
  • We do guarantee that the rose supplied is true to type and variety, however please do take into consideration that bloom form, colour, size and fragrance can and do most certainly vary due to season, water availability, climate, current weather pattern, light shade situation, soil pH and soil consistency. It is also for this reason that the rose pictures on our website and in our catalogue should serve as a guide only.
  • Once a rose plant leaves our grounds we cannot take responsibility for the health and lifespan of the plant.
  • Nevertheless, we do consider replacing rose plants that have died as a measure of goodwill because it is important to us that the plants reach their wonderful potential to bring life, beauty and inspiration to not only the landscape but to the gardener as well.
  • In most, if not all cases plants die due to inadequate care and not because of the quality of the plant.
  • If your rose plant has died we will gladly help you to understand what the cause was and thereafter consider replacement. Therefore we do expect you to return the dead plant(s), blooms, stems, leaves, roots, label and all for diagnosis to one of our nurseries.
  • We do hope that you can understand that it is unfortunately not fair for us to be expected to ship or deliver replacement plants. We are unable to accept responsibility for this cost, even for plants purchased online.
  • Ludwig’s Roses is only able to replace dead rose plants once and not repeatedly. Then something drastically is wrong with the situation they are being planted in and needs to be rectified.
  • It is not fair to expect Ludwig’s Roses to replace a dead plant if it has been growing in your garden for longer than 6 months.

Thank you for your support and for planting the rose that grows!