Fruity GrandiRosaTM LUDgahorese(P)

Newly planted specimens will quickly build themselves into formidable, neat, 2 m high specimens, repeat flowering all the time.

Medium sized pointed buds of a clear, deep apricot colour are formed on shortish stems and with many narrow petals in the centre. The blooms open into an attractive, bee friendly shape.

The strong apricot colour holds without fading until the petals drop off cleanly, making space for the new crop. Very little maintenance apart from normal watering and fertilising needed.

An ideal choice for background planting of rose or flower beds, a screen or additional security on borders or fences. Also an ideal choice for growing in front of pillars or unattractive walls, in the ground or in large containers. A Ludwig’s favourite.


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Fruity GrandiRosaTM LUDgahorese(P)