Ludwig’s Vigolonger Fertilizer 4.5kg

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 42 × 90 cm

Ludwig's Vigolonger 4.5kg A multi-coated fertilizer with a controlled release of balanced nutrients over 8 months.


A multi-coated general fertilizer with a controlled release of balanced nutrients over 8 months.

Easy, precise application of nutrients for each plant

Advanced & efficient use of fertilizer

No contamination of ground water

Constant growth throughout the growing season

Balanced nutrients

Suitable for roses, annuals, vegetables, ornamental flowers, ground covers, trees

Ludwig’s Vigolonger cannot burn the roots. One application per season.

15 : 3 : 12(30) + S + Me
N 150g/kg ; P 30g/kg; K 120g/kg; S 70g/kg


Application for roses and most other plants is best in early spring, but can be applied at any time during the growing period.

Apply 75g (one measuring cup) evenly spread out over the rooting zone ( a circle of about 1m in diameter) of eavch normal sized bush. Use 150g for larger roses, such as climbers. Fork it into the upper 25cm of soil.

For new plantings, mix one measuring cup with the soil before filling it around the new plant

Beds prior to planting:
Evenly spread 75g per square meter over the whole area of the prepared rose, flower or vegetable bed and form or mix it into the upper 25cm of soil.

Roses and other plants growing in pots or containers:
Mix 7g per litre of potting soil or growing media prior to planting.
For established plants growing in a container, puncture holes at different depths with a digging fork and sprinkle the required quantity (e.g. 30cm pot = 10l volume, 25cm pot = 20l volume). Close holes and water well.

Product Reg. no K 9610 Act 36/47




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Ludwig’s Vigolonger Fertilizer 4.5kg