Willy Wonka LUDsirjul(P)

The unique brown colouring of this rose suggested its name. Willy Wonka is Roald Dahl’s eccentric owner of the factory in his 1964 novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The plant has a robust growth habit. It grows into a wide, arching shrub, 1.8m high and wide.

The transformation in colour from bud to open bloom is what makes this rose truly distinctive. A tan coloured, soft brown flows from the centre.

The outer petals are tinted with a contrasting rusty red. Slight fragrance. Flowers in clusters. The globular bloom opens completely to reveal its golden stamens. As the pollen ripens the inner petals start taking on more of the rusty red colour. This makes for an interesting combination of different coloured blooms on one bush.


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Willy Wonka LUDsirjul(P)