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Dimensions 42 × 23 × 90 cm

Jadine’ is part of our White Ribbon Collection, earning funds for a very sick baby.

It is a vigorous miniature rose that will grow to knee, even hip height if not pruned back too severely.
This dense neat bush keeps on producing nicely shaped, sizable blooms with a good petal count, a sweet fragrance and a most unusual colour.

The basic a silver lilac is lightly brushed over with magenta and reveals a distinct brownish colouring as the centre opens up.
These blooms are carried on nicely balanced 15cm long stems and are charming for small flower arrangements.

‘Jadine’ will grow with ease in any sunny position and performs exceptionally well in containers.

Plant Height: Tall Miniature
Colours: Brown , Lilac , Magenta , Silver
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers


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