Leonore Bremer LUDpipoque(P)

This magnificent rose is named in Leonore Bremer, our matriarch’s honour, to celebrate her 88th Birthday in 2023. She was born in Graaff -Reinet. You are the strongest pillar in our family, and we are so grateful for your love, dedication, care, understanding, strength and for always being reliably present for all of us. We know that this beautiful, excellent Hybrid Tea rose epitomises all your outstanding qualities. In love always, your Children & Grandchildren. Prominent buds develop on the tips of firm, upright stems that bear few prickles. When the slightly frilly petals unfold from the tight whitish buds, a distinct pink overlay that flows down the inside is revealed. As the bud slowly opens, the pointed heart of the bloom forms a proper, perfectly symmetrical, exhibition shape. Noticeable, delightful fragrance is a part of this rose’s beauty that is not perceived by the eye. With further opening the colour of the petals matures to a soft salmon. The blooms retain a freshness and hold their shape well. The bush grows neatly upright with easily repeat flowering stages.


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Leonore Bremer LUDpipoque(P)