Kimi Makwetu LUDjujotan(P)

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 23 × 90 cm
Plant Height
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Named in memory of a loving father and husband. A good man. A true gentleman. He served South Africa with his all. This new Hybrid Tea variety quickly develops into a strong, broad bush and keeps on producing medium long, sturdy stems, each with one large shapely bloom. The colour starts off as apricot, intense in the inner centre, softening to cream as it flows to the edge of the flower. The triangular, sharply pointed bud unfolds to a treasured exhibition shape. As it holds this classic peaked shape, a strong fruity scent is released. The blooms may be cut at this stage, and enjoyed in a vase at home for days to come, or allowed to open fully on the bush. The fully-opened blooms remain an attraction on the bush and are continually replaced with new sprouting and flowering.


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Kimi Makwetu LUDjujotan(P)