Dr Erik Pretorius

The family wanted to express appreciation to Erik Pretorius, who did his doctorate in business management during a period of cancer treatment.

This novel rose produces candelabras of extremely firm petalled, carmine red blooms of an attractive shape. The vigorous bush will grow to shoulder height and the lush green foliage is an added attraction.

A short biography of Dr. Erik Pretorius

As a professional, Dr. Erik Pretorius made ​​his mark in the financial and business world. He is known for his intellect, work ethics, perfectionism and passion with which he approaches everything. The fact that he obtained several further academic qualifications while seriously ill with cancer is a significant achievement and an inspiration to us all. The exceptional qualifications he achieved include three doctorates at Kent University in United Kingdom [D.Com (Bus Man), D.B.A. (Fin) and PhD (Man)]. Erik is also a qualified   C.A. and Tax Practitioner [G-TP (SA)]. He also serves as a member of several professional organizations such as SAIT, SAIBA as well as Directors and Ethics Institutes of South Africa. He also holds the honorary title D.Fellow (UK). This is only a modest fraction of his impressive résumé and he continues to add more qualifications to his long CV.

However, it is as his family and friends we want to honor him with this rose for the impact he has in our, and so many others’ lives. The example he sets in terms of generosity, determination and helpfulness inspire us without words to strive to do the same.

A nickname like Grumpie and the heavyweight résumé gives the impression that Erik is a very serious “grompot” (grumbler), but he has a wonderful sense of humor and provides many light moments in our lives. His keen powers of observation have saved many situations with just the right word at the right moment. With his two daughters, Deoné and Renike at his side, there is no sign of Grumpie, or the serious professional.


Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Carmine , Red
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers


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Dr Erik Pretorius