Cora Marie

The ordinary gardener’s ambition to grow long-stemmed cut-roses will be fulfilled by this rose when planted in a garden.

Each pointed, red bud is borne on an extremely long, slender stem and holds for a long time as a cut-flower or when left on the bush. The petals are of such firm substance that the bloom in its half-open stage remains crisp for well over a week.

The clear red colour lasts even in the hottest sun without losing any of its velvetness and crimson glow.

The plant is very vigorous and tall-growing and the fresh, green foliage remains free of disease. The enormous basal-shoots are best staked in early spring to prevent them from snapping in storms and strong winds.

This rose is sold by florists under its international name ‘Dallas’.

Plant Height: Above Head Height
Colours: Red , Velvet red
Uses: Cut-flowers


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Cora Marie