Carmine GrandiRosa

A carmine coloured addition to our GrandiRosa™ group. GrandiRosa™ stands for clusters of large, full blooms on a stately, tall shrub like rose.

‘Carmine GrandiRosa™’ combines the best of all worlds. Large buds with very stiff, tightly packed petals open up into a deep cup shaped magnificent bloom that ofeten even turns out quartered rosette when it fully unflods.

Super even for picking and arranging in a vase for the home.

Not only are these blooms gorgeous on their own, they are born in clusters all over the stately, tall shrub.

It is a very tough, Eco-chic, disease resistant plant that naturally and neatly grows to 2.5 to 3m in height.

The perfect rose to beautify and liven up boring walls or fences when planted in rows 1.2m apart, but will of course make a stunning statement even when planted as a single specimen.


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Carmine GrandiRosa