Std Dreamweaver LUDwisuvo(P) 90cm

A standard rose version of 'Dreamweaver' propagated onto a 90cm stem.

Looking deep into the unfolding heart of a beautiful rose can sometimes arouse the feeling of being in the middle of a marvellous, vivid dream. The beauty, colour and petal arrangement of this variety will most certainly transport you above the everyday cares of the world. Humans are so fortunate that nature’s splendour is so intricately woven into our existence! The radiant blooms display a combination of lavender shades, bright pink, a very slight brown undertone; rounded off with a lovely ruby-red violet edge. The flowers are produced as sprays of 3 buds to a stem, that cover the entire bush. Plant this rose and see how it weaves many charming clusters of dreams for you!


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Std Dreamweaver LUDwisuvo(P) 90cm