Clarens Centenary

When I first delivered bare root rose bushes to Clarence  almost 50 years ago, it was a charming little village. Now it is  a favourite domicile for people who escape the summer’s heat  of the Highveld.

Roses flourish in this climate; this novelty is  bound to add to the attraction.

A Fairytale rose that produces spray clusters that are ideal for creating informal but romantic arrangements when the stems are picked for the vase. The outer petals of the densely petalled blooms contain green pigmentation, This means their vase life is superbly long. A versatile rose that is incredibly healthy. A well foliated bush that grows to chest height A pleasing, antique, blend of cream pink.

Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Cream , Pink
Uses: Cut-flowers


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Clarens Centenary