Olga Bothongo



A surpise birthday present that was unveiled at Mrs Bothongo’s 40th birthday celebration.

Mr Keith Bothongo chose to name this charming rose as a tribute to his wonderful wife for her unwaivering support, love, friendhsip, patience, humility, kindness and for being the amazing mother that she is.
The plant grows into a formal yet formidable shrub that is clothed from top to bottom with glossy green, disease resistant leaves. Exquisite, large blooms of a deep cup shape are carried on long slightly arching stems. The nostalgic blooms are borne in a gorgeous blend of cream with apricot that is touched with pink.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 45 cm
Rose Types

Panarosa™ Rose

Bloom Colour

apricot, cream, pale pink

Eco-Chic™ Roses


Plant Architecture

free standing shrub 2m +

Plant Height

look up height


strong fragrance

Plant Purpose

pillar, trellis


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