A rose panorama!

Panarosas™ perform according to our set parameters of growing between 2m to 3m high and as wide with flowers on every cane. They should be free standing informal shrubs and groups, hedges or specimen plants, and should provide a panorama of roses to the onlooker/spectator. These roses can be planted on fences, at the periphery of a property or as a group in large lawns. By training them up pillars and even over arches and pergolas, a neatness and floriferousness superior to that with traditional climbing roses can be achieved.

The emphasis of this new group of roses is on uniformity of growth pattern. The flower shape of the various varieties may be a typical hybrid tea rose, a semi double bloom or any of the charming shapes of yesterday’s roses – deep cup, quartered, frilled centre or pompom. This rose group offers an almost full range of possible “rose” colours and many have a strong fragrance.


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