Antico Moderno™ Roses

A renaissance of nostalgic flower shapes!

This group, as the Latin name implies, are modern roses with flower shapes of yesteryear.  In growth habit and height they are similar to the hybrid tea roses and produce upright, pickable stems.  Their numerous petals are firm and will not drop off with the first wind or rain but are extremely long lasting; both on the bushes as well as when used for flower arranging.

The blooms can be described as “cabbage shaped”.

This group comprises varieties bred by the ourselves, German rose breeders W. KORDES’, from the rose breeding family BARNI in Italy, DELBARD ROSES of France and POULSEN ROSER of Denmark.

All selected varieties are easy to grow. Plants grow between 1,2m – 2.3m high. Planting distance should be a minimum of 0.8m x 0.8m apart.

Antico Moderno™ Roses

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