rose events at a glance


Spring Rose Care & Finger Pruning Demos

We'll show you why and how...

EGOLI | Sat 5 Sep 10h30

FARM | Sat 6 Sep 10h30

PTA EAST | Sun 6 Sep 14h00

WINELANDS | Sat 12 Sep 10h00
Sun 13 Sep 10h30

CAPE TOWN | Sat 12 Sep 14h00

BIG RED BARN Irene | Sat 20 Sep 10h00


Click here to watch Ludwig explain more about Finger Pruning.

Walk & Talk with Ludwig Taschner

Wed 16 Dec 9h30 - 11h30
Ludwig's Rose Farm

Enjoy an intimate walk & talk
with Ludwig around the
mother farm while he chats
about and shows his
favorite rose varieties,
observations and deep knowing
of rose growing.

wear comfortable walking shoes,
sunblock and a hat.