Biological Pest Control

We are very proud to be able to offer biological, environmentally friendly, safe solutions to some of the pests that can bother your roses. 

We started the journey of finding alternatives to pesticides a couple of years ago. We are delighted to inform you that we do and have been using these methods on our farm and in our nurseries successfully.

We have partnered with DAGUTAT and KOPPERT to offer you the best in Biological Pest Control options for your garden.

Biological pest control most certainly requires a different approach. These methods are not quick fix solutions and one needs to accept that the rose pests will most likely still be present in fewer numbers and smaller colonies. It is all about finding a balance and then maintaining it.

Biological Pest Control 1

Helga and Nita from Dagutat Science have developed remarkable products that we have found truly work.

Their wettable powder formulations contain live mushroom mycelium and spores (spawn) that parasitize the pest insects they come into contact with.

It is completely safe to use and is of course very interesting for treating your edible crops.

Biological Pest Control 2

Koppert’s moto is: “In partnership with nature.” 

They achieve this by by using natural enemies and friendly traps to combat pest infestations.

Just seeing these beneficial insects when one opens their containers to start spreading them out is fascinating, never mind observing how they go to work!

Please visit: to purchase their beneficial insects.

We only sell their sticky cards from our own Ludwigs Roses website.