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“Pleasure for one hour, a bottle of wine. Pleasure for one year a marriage; but pleasure for a lifetime, a garden.” – a Chinese saying
In the Rose Garden with Ludwig
The roses certainly appreciated the soaking rain that penetrated deeply into the soil, with a little extra rain a few weeks later. Many are flowering exceedingly well in the Inland regions. Here are some that stood out in floriferousness and colour. Dahlia’s are at their best in autumn and they are showing off right now.
‘Vuvuzela’ covered with blooms in all stages from top to bottom.
Huguenot 300
‘Huguenot 300’ charming with its salmon-orange blooms.
Clever Gretel
‘Clever Gretel’ is a performer with special large, quartered rosette shape blooms.
entrance beds
These beds bordering the container roses of our garden centre were planted in September ’16.
Ground covers surround similar coloured Hybrid Tea’s – the effect of playing with different heights really works well.
‘Giver of Hope’ is an immaculate Hybrid Tea with a very large bloom that is just 100% classically symmetrical.
Lago Maggiore
‘Lago Maggiore’ shines with its intense silver-lilac colouring. Specially attractive in the garden at sunset with waning light.
Burgundy Iceberg
‘Burgundy Iceberg’ – the name says it all.
Dahlia’s come in all shapes and colours.
Dahlia’s are real low maintenance plants. They provide lots of colour.
Autumn’s shorter days, cooler nights and heavy dew in the early mornings, result in roses with larger blooms and more intense colour. We were able to cut lots of them to decorate our information area for our Autumn Rose Festival on the 21st of March.
Autumn festival deco
The fragrant blooms on display during our autumn rose festival on the 21st of March were of “the stuff dreams are made of”.
This is also the time of the year to decide which of the candidates in our trials are suitable for naming and release in September. Here is an early peep show.
A very promising Floribunda represented by Francis Roses, USA.
(The reader to successfully suggest a winning name for this new rose, receives 10 complimentary plants of this novelty.)
A powerful Antico Moderno rose bred by us.
An impressive, fungus disease resistant variety bred by W. Kordes Rosen in Germany.
A charmer from our own stable of new roses.
‘Penacotta’ – a new release stemming from the Horner’s in the UK.
A nostalgic novelty bred in Germany by W. Kordes Rosen.
A new release from Delbard in France.
We were reminded, that roses like water in motion. Our long avenue of Iceberg’s suddenly looked droopy and stopped flowering. An inspection hole between two plants showed standing water. With the good rain in February the adjoining grassland turned into a semi swamp. The drain trench made long ago had fallen in and with the drought of the past year, it was not a problem at all. It took the TLB a few hours to clean the trench and the water started and still is running. Within 10 days the ‘Iceberg’s’ spruced up again.
water in motion
Drainage is important. Roses don’t like their roots to permanently stay wet. If need be, TLB’s can help.
Easter picnic and children’s easter egg hunt
Join us on Easter Sunday for a rosy day on the farm!
The Easter bunny hides special tokens amongst the roses that have to be found. Once you have found 12, the Easter bunny gives you a hamper filled with delicious, sweet Easter treats.
It is great fun and there is even a golden bunny prize that can be won by the most talented seeker.
The cost to participate in the hunt is R 150.00 per child.
A jumping castle, face painting, sand art and an Easter Egg painting station are added activities on the day!
We are also offering special Easter picnic baskets for the adults:
Hot Cross scones with rose jam and whipped cream, skewers laden with camembert, cherry tomatoes and mini carrots. Tzatziki dip, devilled egg salad filled croissants, chicken and leek pies, farm quiche with bacon, carrot , thyme and spring onions, Easter bunny carrot cup cakes, rice crispy and speckled egg nests, bunny fruit skewers, a bottle of mineral water, juice or soda.
R 195.00 per person
Kids Picnics
Cheese and tomato or chicken mayo sandwich, bunny fruit skewers, Easter Bunny carrot cup cakes, rice crispy and speckled egg nests, packet of crisps and a juice.
R85 per child
Step by Step Rose Care for April
I just read in the Farmer’s Weekly “We must accept that long periods of drought followed by good rain usually result in a ‘pest and disease bomb’ and one needs to prepare timeously”. This applies to rose gardeners as well.
Following the rain and cooler evenings, black spot infection will have become prevalent in many gardens.
Unless you have been regularly spraying every two to three weeks with our Cocktail which contains CHRONOS. Then you should be seeing very little infection, if any at all.
Bushes under stress are always more susceptible to black spot.
The stress can be caused by undernourishment, the roses can be growing in partial shade due to trees blocking out the sun or the lower roots can suddenly be unable to function due to standing water.
The one positive aspect of black spot infection and defoliation is that it starts on the mature leaves, lower down on the bush, as well as on those shaded, on the inside of the plant.
If the upper leaves are protected by spraying with a fungicide, the sap flow is ensured and even with reduced photosynthesis, food flows to the roots, encouraging them to get hyper active, resulting in the sprouting of new shoots on the denuded stems.
If your rose has dropped its leaves due to black spot infection, grooming the plant appropriately will still stimulate new sprouting and encourage blooming right into the start of winter.
Let me show you how easy it is to encourage basal sprouting in this video:
groom black spot
Grooming your roses after black spot infection.
April is the last month to fertilise in gardens with a moderate climate such as in Gauteng, the Midlands, and Lowveld.
Wedding Garland
‘Wedding Garland’ has sprouted like crazy, 5 days after an application of fertiliser that was administered at the same time as the lawn received it.
In colder regions, where frost is expected in May, it is best to just spray to maintain and keep the new leaves.
Rose Care in the Western Cape and regions with water restrictions in place
With the few short rain showers experienced in the Cape regions and with the cool, long nights, black spot will become prevalent too and it is best to spray fortnightly with Ludwig’s cocktail.
It is much better to let roses go into winter with foliage on. Defoliated plants are unable to make and store food beneath the bark which will mean poorer sprouting in spring.
During water restrictions the most obvious rose growing goal is to get as much water down to the roots as efficiently as possible.
When the soil has become compacted in the meantime, the water applied does not actually always reach the roots.
My recommendation is to spike the soil around the bushes with a digging fork and to spread compost or water holding material like coco peat or stock o’ sorb over the spiked area and water over it.
If you cannot get the spikes all the way into the soil because it is too hard and dry, pour water in the half deep holes and complete the job the next day. The proper winter rains will most certainly come soon.
spiking the soil around roses
Spiking the soil around the roses with a fork and filling the holes with a water retaining substance i.e. coco peat, stock o’ sorb or compost is beneficial during drought.
Roses of the Month: ‘FRIESIA’ KORriesia  – fragrant 🙂
It was one of the first varieties we received from the Kordes Rose breeder family in Germany for trialing in South Africa in 1971. It was also the first “Rose of the Month” in my column in the Farmer’s Weekly in 1975. After all these years it is still unique – a compact, clear yellow floribunda that carries nice buds, holds its colour and most importantly, is one of the very few “Yellows” that has a distinct scent.
Available from all our rose centres at a special price.
News from our Rose Centres
All Ludwig’s Rose centres are open over the Easter public holidays!
Ludwig’s Rose Farm
Easter picninc and children’s easter egg hunt – 16 April 2017.
Visit our new rose centre at the Big Red Barn close to Irene.
Ludwig’s Roses Winelands
Always have sharp sheers!
FELCO, the Swiss Made Secateurs Experts, will be at Ludwig’s Roses Winelands every 1st Weekend of the month from 10am – 13pm to keep your sheers in good shape!
Bring yours in for a complimentary service! Off course, these extraordinary tools are endorsed by and are available at Ludwig’s Roses.
The very best wishes for a rosy Easter!
Rose greetings,