🌹 celebrate Garden Day with Roses

  • Sharing some of the rose radiance
  • Celebrate Garden Day by planting roses
  • Rose Care after the rain
  • Visit the Gardens of the Cape by Bus
“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
Frances Hodgson Burnett 
Rose Festival

Thank you to all who visited our annual rose festival. Our “House of Roses” with its rooms so fancifully decorated with thousands of rose blooms proved to be wildly popular and was appreciated by everyone. It was a huge privilege to be able to share the phenomenal rose radiance with you!


Ludwig & David picking long, climbing spikes for the arrangements.


Everything is ready for the festival!


When the doors opened…


…the secret of thousands and thousands of rose blooms was revealed!


The library.


The novelties on display.


Nomzamo and Ludwig baptise her new rose with champagne!


The living room.


Nomzamo in front of HER bed of roses.


Anja and Vivienne next to the ‘Nomzamo’ arrangement.


The bed of ‘Nomzamo’ roses was dreamlike!


The bath of roses.


Can you count the roses?


And outside, every rose bush flowered to its fullest!

Garden Day – 21 October

In celebration of Garden Day we are offering a -10% discount on all rose plants purchased on 21 October. Valid at all our branches country wide.

Why not visit us, stroll through the thousands of roses in bloom, get inspired and pick up a few plants to add a dash of colour to your garden? Invite your friends and family to help dig the holes. Make a ceremony of the planting and round the activity off with a braai and some drinks. Perfect!

We look forward to welcoming you!

Ohh yes, and before we forget. Watch this hilarious clip by Suzelle DIY on how to make your own flower crown. Someone forgot to give her roses for the crown 🙂


Let Suzelle DIY show you how to make your very own flower crown.

‘Rosafrica’ being simply immaculate at Egoli, the start of our bus tour.

Our Rose Bus Tour in Johannesburg

On Saturday the 13th of October we visited 4 gardens in Johannesburg. Thank you to the owners of the gardens for sharing these absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful and special spaces with us.

Appreciation to Darling Cellars for sponsoring the MCC and Warwick Wines for the bottles of their The First Lady wines.

The day was great fun!


‘Walter & Albertina Sisulu’ trained and intertwined against the pallisade.
‘Salmon Sunsation’ bordering the bed as a ground cover.


‘Edgar Degas’ flowering in abundance!


The roses in Zoë Blanchetti’s garden in Melrose were in peak flush!


One bloom more beautiful then the next…
The plants have only been in the ground for 16 months.


Karin Gardelli who is the landscape architect
that designed and installed the garden
has done a marvellous job.


The next stop was at the Dempster’s in Parkhurst.
A terraced garden overlooking the river and the golf course.


Shirley Wallington designed this very initmate garden.
Echium candicans (Pride of Madeira) framing the bench.


The beds at the Mayfair Mosque were in full bloom.
Thank you to Mrs Mia for the kind hospitality.


‘Karoo Rose’ was luminous and brilliant.


‘Fragonard’s’ fragrance is powerful!


Our last stop was at Manuella and Fred Crabbia’s in Bedfordview.
There is nothing more beautiful then a garden just after the rain.
We enjoyed their hospitality very much, thank you!


‘Black Tea’ flanked by Delphiniums.
Also a Shirley Wallington designed garden.
Lizette Nieman from Strylitzia Landscaping
planted and maintains the garden.


‘Forever Busy’ in front of ‘Clocolan’.


‘Garden & Home’ inter planted with poppies.


The formal beds are framed with hedges of buxus.


‘Perfume Passion’ exuding fragrance!

Rose Care after the rain

Creating such an abundance of rose blooms takes a lot out of the bushes. For them to be able to keep this up, it is essential to provide extra nutrition right now. Sprinkle a 25ml = 30g cup full of Vigorosa around each bush and water well.

The water washes the leaves clean and starts dissolving the fertiliser and carries the nutrients to the roots.

The rain is most certainly more than welcome. The only slight drawback is that it encourages black spot infection on the leaves. By spraying them with our cocktail that includes the fungicide Chronos, the leaves remain protected from the inside and the oily solution with the garlic smell of Ludwig’s Insect Spray keeps insects at bay.

For pesky beetles, carry a smaller 1 or 2 litre spray bottle filled with a dilution of Rose Protector, Cyper or Plant Care handy, so that when you see them munching away at your roses, you can spray the solution directly onto them.

GRRS Rose Show 12Oct18 (2).JPG

The Gold Reef Rose Society held a
rose exhibiting competition in Morningside.

LRF 17Oct18 (13).JPG

We have received 50mm of rain on the farm.
It didn’t just soak the rose beds
and pots, but also filled our dams.

LRF 17Oct18 (14).JPG

As you can see, even after the first flush,
there is still so much colour
and buds that are still going to open.

LRF 17Oct18 (20).JPG

This photo was taken yesterday on the 17th.
These roses are still going to burst into colour.


A teaser of the views to enjoy on our Cape Bus Tour.

Tour the Rose Gardens of the Cape!

Thursday 1 Nov – Sat 3 Nov 2018.Refresh your senses with the beauty of the mountains, the crisp sea breeze and the most exquisite roses.

3 days of exploring private and public rose gardens and lunch at our favourite restaurants.

The cost per person is R1300 per day or R3700 for all 3 days.

Please contact pa@ludwigsroses.co.za for more info.


After the good rains received in the Western Cape,
the gardens will be immaculate!


Come and enjoy the flair of the most beautiful gardens the Cape has to offer.

Rose are just so exciting, aren’t they?

We wish you an inspired yet relaxed Garden Day this Sunday!

Rose greetings,

Ludwig & Halmar


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